This B&B is nestled In The Beautiful Huachuca Mountains

Rail Oaks is located just 80 miles south of Tucson and less than 10 miles south of Sierra Vista. It is nestled in the beautiful Huachuca Mountains and rests in the shadow of Carr Peak.

Rail Oaks is bordered on two sides by federal land and is home to deer, javelina and other majestic creatures.

A nature lover’s paradise, the area teems with many species of birds, including raptors (Gray Hawks, Mississippi Kite and Crested Caracara), sparrows (black-throated sparrow, Botteri’s Sparrow) and hummingbirds (Magnificent, Annas and Ruby). Great Horned Owls, Vermilion flycatchers and other birds also migrate to the area.

Of particular interest to quail lovers, Gambel’s, Montezuma and Scaled varieties also inhabit the ranch grounds.

A paved road leads into this eclectic assortment of oak, cedar, mesquite and manzanita.

In autumn, the ranch and its surrounding area turn to riotous colors – russets, oranges and reds envelop the countryside. The relatively mild winters occasionally offer a soft blanket of pristine snow. Springtime arrives with blossoms and budding leaves, followed by the full, glorious foliage of summer.

Although most agree the opportune time for birding is April through September, the area offers activities year ’round. Situated off the main road, the din of civilization is muffled at Rail Oaks.

One wakes to the gentle chirping of birds and grazing wildlife. During breakfast on the patio, one might observe butterflies, rabbits, hummingbirds or coyotes. Native flora includes everything from tiny moss to towering oaks. A hike through the area provides an opportunity to enjoy even more of the native plant and animal life. During the evening, it is easy to relax and let nightsongs of owls and coyotes serenade.